SunWater Campaign

Our brief was to inform a teenage audience about the dangers of swimming in certain waters in Queensland. The challenge was conveying this in a way they would pay attention to, as most of us can still recall the attitude of being a teenager and the sense of being indestructible. We decided to take this stern warning of caution and turning it into a relate-able story and ingrain a deep sense of consequence that has emotive pull with our audience. The thought was, we don’t give them rules, instead we pose the notion: 

’respect the water like you respect your mates’

So we told a story typical to this audience, a group of teens covertly slipping away to spend time together as friends. We showed all the typical behaviours and attitudes expected from rural Queensland adolescents’, luring the audience in by loading the story and narrative with clichés of rebellious teenage activity.  The outcome is a mix a beautifully shot film and amazing sound engineering giving the viewer a rich audio/visual story impactful on mobile and through headphones. From the recurring synthesised scream to the fading heart beat we created an audio experience that intensifies the story and leaves the audience speechless.